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傅雷是一本書,是一本蘊含著熱情、直爽、好學、才華的人生悲劇的書。翻開這本書,首先看到的是“傅雷家書”,感到看它就像听老父親在你身邊低語。克利斯朵夫、貝多芬、歐也妮葛朗台、貝姨……傅雷把一個個大師的作品介紹給中國讀者的同時,也讓我們通過這些大師,一頁一頁地把“傅雷”這部書翻下去。 那天晚上,我過于興奮,不能馬上睡覺。表面看來,盡管沒有多少理由超碰免费公开视频 人們在傅聰前加的前綴往往是鋼琴家。傅敏說傅聰之所以成了世界一流鋼琴家,是他按照父親設計的順序走到這一步的︰“先做人,後做藝術家,再做音樂家,最後是鋼琴家。如果把鋼琴家作為第一步,傅聰恐怕成不了世界一流鋼琴家。”傅雷家教在再版、增補版5次,發行130多萬的《傅雷家書》里,傾注了父親對兒子成長的心血。現已成為家長教科書。成人在线视频 誠然,昨日往事,已為陳跡;逝者已矣,卻悠然可追。《家書》又不是普通的家書,傅雷一生都在實踐《家書》中的那句話,做“德藝具備、人格卓越的藝術家”。《家書》中有一個高傲自尊的靈魂,一顆細膩敏感的心,一位仁慈博愛的父親向我們講述“國家榮辱、藝術尊嚴”的故事。 翼翕動不已。那次她的嘴唇也是這樣痙攣抽搐,我正擔心她又要開始發作,caoporn 他告訴我,開克斯法爾伐是這一帶的首富。干脆說吧,什麼都是他的產 業,遠不止那座開克斯法爾伐府邪呢。——“您想必知道這座府邸,從練兵 場上就可以望見,就是公路左邊那座擁有一個平頂塔樓的黃色府邸,四周是 座古老的花園,面積很大。”坐落在通往 R 去的大道旁那個大制糖廠,開在 勃魯克的鋸木廠,還有 M 地方的養馬場,所有這一切全都為他所有,另外在 布達佩斯和維也納還有六七幢房子,“可不是,大家簡直不能相信,在我們 這幾還有這種家財萬貫的大富翁,這人可真會像個真正的達官貴人那樣過日 子。冬天在雅爾金巷小巧玲瓏的維也納宮過冬,夏天在各個療養地消夏,在 本地他只是春天住這麼幾個月,可是住的這所房子,我的老天爺,是什麼樣 的氣派啊!從維也納來的四重奏樂隊,香檳酒和法國的各色葡萄酒,全是百 里挑一,千里挑一的珍品!”他說,如果我有興趣,他將樂于為我引見,因 為——他做了一個滿意的手勢——他和封?開克斯法爾伐先生?是朋友,早年 和他有很多商業上的交往,深知他一向樂于結交軍官;他只消說一句話,我 就會受到邀請。
On July 18th, Chairman of the Board, Luo Lin, led a team does an exchange with CNPC Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited (XDEC).

Luo Lin and the delegation visited the Enterprise Culture Exhibition Hall of XDEC and RTOC, and gave a detailed introduction to Anton's basic profile, technical service capabilities, technology research and development capabilities and corporate culture. Technical experts have explained new technologies such as Sweet heart service, Full scale fracturing, Quantum tracer testing technology. Anton and XDEC reviewed the achievements of cooperation and exchanges in recent years and exchanged views on strengthening technical exchanges, carrying out special cooperation and cooperation, and exploring multi-field cooperation models.

Luo Lin expressed his gratitude to the XDEC for the support and assistance to Anton, and congratulated for its impressive achievements in recent years. Luo Lin said that the XDEC has a long history and profound culture. It has advanced equipment technology and strong operational capability, and has great development potential. The cooperation between the two sides is broad. Anton Oil is committed to creating an open multi-party sharing platform, which will grow and share with the company's employees, and develop and cooperate with business partners. We hope to cooperate sincerely with XDEC, give full play to the advantages of both technologies, resources and talents, and fully assist the XDEC to improve the service support capacity and construction operation level of oil and gas fields, and create a model for cooperation in the petroleum industry.超碰免费公开视频

Zhang Baozeng, general manager of the XDEC, welcomed Luo Lin and the delegation and thanked the company's experts for their excellent technical exchange. Zhang Baozeng said that the XDEC's full service to ensure the exploration and development of oil and gas fields is in line with Anton's improves quality, reduces costs, and integrates goals. XDEC strives to build the most competitive management technology-based enterprises, and continuously improve service guarantee capability, market competitiveness, profitability, and sustainable development capability, and achieve high-end market, light assets, personnel precision, and maximum benefits. It can seek common organizational goals with well-known enterprises such as Anton, focus on oil and gas field exploration and development, improve quality and efficiency, carry out multi-field exchanges and cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and jointly build professional teams with professional technology, integrated service capabilities and solve bottlenecks. Supporting and helping each other in market development, regional cooperation, big data analysis, laboratory co-construction, etc., introducing advanced concepts and technologies, improving the service support capability of oil and gas exploration, development and construction, and make the group headquarters reassured, the oilfield is satisfied, and employees are happy.
About XDEC
CNPC Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited (XDEC), based in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, is a company specialized in petroleum engineering and technical services directly under the management of CNPC.

Main scope of business includes drilling, logging, well logging, downhole operations, fracturing, testing for oil, special well drilling techniques, mud, cementing and other petroleum engineering and technical services as well as the R&D, manufacturing and sales of equipment. We are staffed with more than 24,000 staffs and equipped with 9,838 pieces (sets) of various engineering and scientific research equipment and have more than 634 professional teams,,成人在线视频 manifesting our capabilities of providing EPC petroleum engineering and technical services.
XDEC’s businesses spread over the eight major oilfields in Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan. Moreover, XDEC has dispatched 12 project departments and 96 specialized crews to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other 8 countries to provide drilling and related professional technical services.

XDEC has cooperated with many renowned international oil companies successively, such as OGDCL in Pakistan, PDVSA in Venezuela, Sudapet, Lukoil in Uzbekistan, CNPC International (Uzbekistan) Ltd., Baker Hughes, to carry out drilling, workover, well logging ,caopornand logging and provide mud, orientation, cementing, fishing and other technical services.